[backups]data restauration

Files And Folders
On Our Apanel managment Console, You have access to a data restauration system.
The User may browse the different available files an folders versions directly from the documents manager.
The restauration procedure is easy ! you just have to choose the precedent version to restore , after the desired file/folder selection. you will see a list with the date and time of the backup. it's your choice !
The backups are scheduled as follows :
- A snapshot is taken every 10 minutes in the last hour.
- A snapshot every hour within the last 36 hours
- And a daily snapshot for the last 7 days !
should you need to restore an older backup, you will have to contact our technical support. Please Note that the older restorations can be made for files and folders, up to 30 days old max, this kind of restoration will be billed regarding the amount of data to restore and the taken time.
please check our page for databases restauration